Filling The Void

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Here at Gravity Media we are doing what we can to help our clients during this difficult time. With the lack of live sporting events to cover, broadcasters are looking for alternatives to fill the empty hours on their channels.

Classic matches and programming are certainly en vogue at the moment, and we’ve been in constant communication with our clients, offering solutions to assist them in delivering programming for their broadcast partners suffering from empty schedules.

In partnership with UEFA, we’re producing a weekly series of programmes, showcasing the best action from the substantial riches of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League vaults. This classic series consists of commercial one hour programmes, ready to air, fully voiced and packaged.

As well as this series of shows, we’re repacking a number of classic matches with commentary and graphics, ready to air for broadcasters and available for their online service, UEFA.TV.

For The FA, we have produced a series of classic matches, giving their broadcast partners replacement programming  across their postponed quarter final weekend. All production, editing transmission, playout and delivery services have been in full operation for the past fortnight.

Our centrally managed digital archive management system is in big demand at this uncertain time, and allows our clients and their partners to simultaneously search, view and ready footage in any format from any location, for any purpose.

So if you have archive footage that you would like to exploit or other programming needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can find out more at or contacts us directly on or 020 3104 0000.