FA Cup Round 2

Outside BroadcastProduction Centre

The second round of this season’s FA Cup took place over the weekend of Friday 27 November, with 20  fixtures taking place up and down the country.  

The Gravity Media team at the Production Centre in London and Manchester had a hand in all of them; producing eight world feeds for rights holding broadcasters around the world, highlights action for The FA, and a variety of content for the BBC.  

Outside broadcast truck Pictor was on site at Fratton Park, Portsmouth, where 2008 winner Portsmouth beat Kings Lyn6-1.   

Pictor is a multi-functional broadcast vehicle, which can fit up to 16 fixed cameras well as comfortably seat a crew of eight. Our UK-based OB vehicle, is an ultra-efficient mobile TV production unit, designed to support both traditional and remote integration/at-Home workflows. Cutting edge technology combines with an efficient working environment, allowing streamlined production teams to create engaging content. 

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