Engineer James Fishwick answers your remote working questions!

Post Production

We have helped ten clients relocate over 60 people from Gravity House to locations all over London and the rest of the UK, setting up their Avid editing systems and being on-hand to help with any technical issues. 

Gravity Media’s Senior Avid/EVS Technical Support Engineer James Fishwick answers your remote working questions below.

Q: What is the best remote desktop client?

It comes down to many things including security, internet speed and whether you are on Mac or PC, but we find Chrome Remote Desktop one of the most popular choices for software based remote desktop. 

Q: Can I stream 1080p from my Avid to my Director?

Not directly, however we have a solution called GRV (Gravity Remote Video) which we offer which allows you to do just that. 1080p 60 in H264 or visually lossless. 

Q: If I work remotely can I still transfer files to my Avid and ISIS / Shared Storage?

Yes, we have a solution called GVFS (Gravity Virtual File Server) which allows you to FTP files to our centralised storage. You then have local access to those to use or move to shared storage.

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