Bringing Remote Production To Life

Remote Production
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Producing live TV programmes is complicated – or so we are told – but at Gravity Media we may not be able to make the complex simple, but we can make it understandable.

We’ve all heard of Remote Production – but what does it really mean? And how do the images of your favourite team winning arrive on your TV at home or any other device you may choose to use?

Traditionally everything was done ‘on-site’ – often meaning in a car park nearby. Commentators, Presenters, Directors, Producers and even the on-screen graphics teams were all on location wherever in the world it happened to be – crowded, expensive and hardly socially distant! But this has now started to change.

Better connectivity means that we can break out of this mould. Although – for the moment – we still need our camera operators to capture the action, this signal can now be sent back to one of our global Production Centres in London, Sydney or Los Angeles where we can add the commentary, presentation, production and graphics. We can do this from almost any location in the world, keeping costs down whilst still maintaining the highest production standards.

There are many ways we can send that signal – be it by satellite, high speed fibre or even through the mobile network. The choice is yours. And not only will Remote Production reduce your costs because there will be fewer people and less kit on-site – it’s good for the planet too!

So the next time you are considering a Remote Production, talk to Gravity Media – the power behind the screen.

To find out more watch our video here.