HyperActive and Tin Star (Tim Roth) Series 2

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Series two aired on Thursday 24th January on Sky Atlantic. The first series is an absolute must watch, and HyperActive Broadcast are delighted to have been involved in both series.

HyperActive worked closely with the Post Production Supervisor planning what would be necessary to successfully cut the offline media as it came off set/location. On this occasion, HyperActive worked with one of their partners, Molinare TV & Film, as they had no availability at Frith Street to house the production. Despite this HyperActive were always on hand for equipment and technical support.

HyperActive supplied six fully loaded Avid Media Composer edit suites, complete with 40TB of Avid NEXIS storage to house all of the day to day rushes as they were sent via file transfer accelerator software from the films location in the Calgary region of Alberta Canada.

Their engineering team were on hand 24/7 to ensure technical excellence, as it was imperative that HyperActive supplied the editors with the very latest and most powerful computing technology available.

If you haven’t watched series one already – you’ve got the weekend ahead to catch up!