Singapore Grand Prix

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Outside Broadcast

All said and done, it was a worthwhile race in Singapore, despite there being little or no on-track action at the top of the field. Most of the drama happened in the pit lane, with Ferrari bizarrely helping Vettel undercut his teammate Leclerc, who until then seemed to be happily cruising to victory. This controversial decision helped Vettel to his first F1 win in almost 400 days, and left Leclerc more than a little bit miffed. Meanwhile, Hamilton reverted to sulky type, disappointed the Mercedes team hadn’t allowed him to try the undercut too.

Other highlights – or lowlights, depending on your perspective – were the three Safety Cars, thanks to middle-order shenanigans involving Russel and (no surprises) Grosjean; Kvyat and Raikonnen; and a Perez retirement. The mid-field cars provided most of the spectacle, with Danny Ricciardo showing his usual heroics to fight through the field from the back of the grid, only to collide with Giovinazzi on lap 34 and fall back down it.

Gearhouse Broadcast made the trip to Singapore’s floodlit Marina Bay Street Circuit to support Whisper with their TV package for Channel 4. Our next rendezvous will be at Russia’s Sochi Autodrom in a few days’ time. Khoroshiy.