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In this latest blog on Gravity Media’s core services, we look at one of the main pillars of Gearhouse Broadcast’s offering: remote production.

With offices in the UK, Australia, USA, Qatar, France and Germany, Gearhouse has a long history of supplying first-class remote production facilities and associated project management support for major televised live and near-live events all over the world.

The service is end to end, as we do everything from consultancy, planning and design through to set-up, pre-production, logistics, crewing and onsite infrastructure.

We have one of the most extensive fleets of OB trucks, mobile units and flypacks in the world, so whether it’s sport, reality TV, light entertainment or a nature documentary, we can support your broadcast requirements wherever you need us.

Our compact remote equipment is becoming increasingly popular as it helps minimise cost, is easy to set up, and can often support multiple events across a number of venues in a single day.

These flyaways are built using state-of-the-art technology, including UHD, 4K and IP, as well as the latest in cable tech. Packages can be tailored precisely to your production’s needs, and supported by a team of engineers, project managers and crew.

We also have an outside broadcast truck for every occasion, from high-spec compact trailers to custom-built articulated supertrucks. These too can come with highly skilled crewing, as well as dedicated logistics teams.

Our range-topping unit ‘Columbus’ is a 60ft single-expanding truck capable of accommodating a crew of 30+ in air-conditioned luxury. Designed and built specifically for the US live production market, Columbus is IP-ready and features 24 Boland 4K monitors in the main control room, one-button hydraulic deployment and integrated RF.

At the other end of the scale, ‘The Brain’ is a rack-ready van that can be configured as an eight-camera MCR with two additional RF camera channels, or as an RF vehicle with up to eight RF cameras, complete with wireless communications.

These trucks have covered an extraordinary range of projects in recent months, from The X-Factor in Australia to the Royal Wedding in London (the big one), and F1 powerboat races everywhere in-between.

In a nutshell, Gearhouse delivers unbeatable, high-quality, innovative remote production solutions for events on location anywhere in the world.