Gearhouse Broadcast keeps the Monash Motorsport team on track to race over the finish line

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Gearhouse Broadcast is supporting the Monash University Motorsports team in Melbourne, Australia, helping it to score first place at the Formula SAE-Australasia 2018. SAE-A is the third oldest mobility society in the world and was created to further educate the next generation about automotive engineering.

To cross the finish line first, Monash students needed focus on accelerating around the track, without the worry of technical hiccups. Gearhouse was able to remove the stress of communication for the team by supplying it with 20 Hytera PD782G two-way radios. The pre-programmed handheld units allow all frequencies to work seamlessly with one another and were licensed with the national body. Gearhouse also provided a technical contact in case any issues occurred onsite.

The radios kept the team running like clockwork, maintaining essential lines of communication between the pit crew, track team and points trackers. The robust kit also withstood the stresses of a season in the fast-paced pit lane environment.

Adrian Conder, Business Liaison at Monash said: “I’m proud to say that Monash Motorsport’s cars achieved Overall 1st place in the Combustion category and Overall 2nd place in the Electric category at Formula SAE-Australasia 2018! Gearhouse Broadcast was certainly instrumental in this as the radios provided allowed us to speak to each other around the track and keep the team running on time with different cars and team members in different locations.”

At the Formula SAE-Australasia 2018, Monash University won the LEAP Australia Award, Overall Internal Combustion Award and came second in the Overall Electric Vehicle category.  

Gearhouse Broadcast has a rich heritage when it comes to motorsport, having helped to capture some of the most prestigious races in the world, including Formula 1. In 2018 it delivered the Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 – the largest supercars round of the season – live in 4K to Foxtel to debut its new 4K channel. Read about the full setup here.