Mobile Units – USA

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Our US fleet of mobile units services a wide range of outside broadcast needs, from sporting events and entertainment shows to corporate functions and reality TV. We have a full complement of units on offer, including 60ft and 40ft expanding vehicles, 30ft and 40ft non-expanding units, a fleet of REMI production vans, and our new Sprinter vans featuring the ViVa production platform.

Our top of the range mobile unit is the Los Angeles based Columbus – the first broadcast vehicle in the US to feature a full 4K monitor wall.  Designed especially for the US live production market, the unit is IP-ready and brings new technical and operational advantages to any production, all in a comfortable, crew-friendly working environment.

Gearhouse Broadcast’s US vice president Marc Genin comments: “For high-pressure, live broadcast situations, this truck gives production teams the ability to adapt quickly. The unit is automatically deployed and levelled via remote-controlled hydraulics, and its advanced technology infrastructure provides every level of service for broadcasters’ needs.”

Three weeks after its arrival, Columbus was put to the test at a major event in downtown L.A. “That weekend saw one of the biggest storms in years, bringing heavy rain and high winds,” recalls Genin. “The truck was hammered, but there wasn’t a drop of water anywhere inside and production continued as normal. Columbus performed beyond expectations, proving our technical expertise and design acumen is a force to be reckoned with, even when up against Mother Nature.”

In the mid-range, Syke and Iona are our newest multi-purpose mobile units, joining the likes of Maestro, Prodigy, Opus and Ovation. Built with flexibility in mind, users can easily operate a full six-camera live production or connect to a broadcast centre. Both units have a ViBox all-in-one production system, with a space-saving footprint, 4RU chassis and 27” touchscreen, which can be operated as a recording and streaming device. The units also pack six Hitachi cameras, two robotic cameras, and a Telex communications system.

Completing the line-up is The Brain, a rack-ready Mercedes van that can be configured as an eight-camera MCR with two additional RF camera channels, or as an RF vehicle with up to eight RF cameras, complete with wireless communications.

The combined fleet is based at our facilities in Charlotte, NC and Los Angeles, CA, primed and ready to take on production assignments nationwide.