Gearhouse to talk AI in video production at Google’s Silicon Valley HQ


Gearhouse USA President Michael Harabin will be discussing the role of Artificial Intelligence in video production during a panel appearance at The Silicon Valley Video Production Meetup. The event brings leading innovators and producers together to discuss the future of content creation, and will in particular, focus on the impact around 5G, AI, 8K, and virtual workflows. It takes place on Thursday, August 1 at Google’s Sunnyvale Campus in California.

The Silicon Valley Video Production Meetup is a monthly demonstration and networking event that encourages the spread of industry knowledge. There’s currently over 1800 members take part in the Californian initiative. You can join the group here:

Gearhouse will be discussing its experiences with these emerging technologies alongside six other big industry names, including Adobe and Canon. The event is coordinated by SVG, SVVP and Facebook.

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