Gearhouse shortlisted for two Broadcast Tech Innovation Awards

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Gearhouse is pleased to announce it has been shortlisted in two categories at this year’s Broadcast Tech Innovation Awards, illustrating the company’s industry-leading expertise in delivering high-quality TV broadcasting and production solutions. Gearhouse is shortlisted for Innovation in Sports Broadcast, alongside Gearhouse partner ATP Media, for the 2018 Next Gen ATP Finals 1080p50 HDR Production in Milan, and Best Remote Production for Channel 4’s Formula 1, alongside Gearhouse partner Whisper Films, Timeline TV and TATA Communications.

At the 2018 Next Gen ATP Finals in Milan, Gearhouse helped ATP Media successfully produce an end-to-end 1080p50 HDR programme for the on-site live and on-live workflows. The production marked the first time that a live sport outside broadcast had natively incorporated HDR content into replays and edit workflows, combining freshly shot SLog ENG material with HLG EVS record trains and HD Rec709 Archive

In addition, Gearhouse has helped Whisper Films deliver consistently high-quality highlights packages to Channel 4 for the 2019 grand prix events, with a bespoke flyaway solution that is lightweight, easy to ship and quick to rig. The flyaway system has been designed so that highlights can be remotely produced back in London, by streaming all RF-over-fibre cameras and presentation microphones in real-time back to the UK.

Of the news, Ed Tischler, Managing Director at Gearhouse Broadcast UK said: “Being shortlisted for two awards is testament to the hard work of our expert teams and our dedication to delivering productions of the highest quality to our clients”.

The annual Broadcast Tech Innovation Awards celebrate the exceptional teams behind the most outstanding broadcast productions of the past year and spotlight the industry talent creating the television productions with the biggest impact. The winners will be announced later this year at a ceremony in London on 17 October 2019.