First for Fujinon! UA46 lenses now in stock

Equipment Rental

There’s a buzz in our warehouse today as Gearhouse Broadcast becomes one of the first companies worldwide to take delivery of Fujinon’s incredible new UA46x9.5BERD lenses. This investment is part of our ongoing commitment to offering the very latest video production technology, but you may have to prise it out of the hands of our very eager engineers.

With a 46x zoom, the UA46 boasts the world’s highest zoom ratio in a broadcast portable lens for 4K video production. It satisfies the complete range of requirements, from wide-angle shots to close-ups, and uses state-of-the-art optical design technology to keep colour aberrations to the absolute minimum.

What’s more, by improving the light transmittance with Fujifilm’s proprietary multi-layer coating, it achieves vivid colour reproduction and high contrast. And there’s plenty for camera operators to be grateful for too – a newly developed high-performance anti-vibration mechanism and drive unit make it super comfortable to operate.

The UA46x9.5 is great not only sports broadcasts, but also nature documentaries, news coverage, and pretty much all other 4K video production. And since it can be mounted on HD broadcast cameras, higher quality HDR video can be taken while effectively using existing broadcast kit.

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