EVS XT VIA – the next-generation production server

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The XT-VIA Production Server is a step into the future for production server technology. It offers the fastest UHD live reply available, and is designed to address the most challenging live broadcast production requirements the industry can throw at it. This server can deal with all formats and protocols from HD up to UHD 8K, SDR to HDR, and SDI to IP (SMPTE 2110 standard) in any I/O set-up.

“In my opinion, this is the most powerful server of its kind available in the market. It gives the operator a fantastic level of control, precision and capacity, with up to six channels of UHD and 12+ channels of Full HD at 1080”, says Ed Tischler, Director at Gravity Media.

The server works within a complete platform of micro services offered by EVS, which means the workflow for every production situation can be customised to fit the needs of the project in hand, including the opportunity to use state-of-the-art AI tools in the mix. Given that these units are often used in live-sports broadcasting, that’s particularly useful in refereeing, where AI can increasingly assist human decision making. XT VIAs can also add graphical layers such as offside lines in near real time.

The final word goes to Ed: “The EVS platform set-up and its API allow easy integration with other technologies, and this means that operators can take a modular approach when choosing the best tools and technologies for the job.”