Gearhouse’s Ed Tischler talks to Broadcast about NAB 2019 and the growing confidence in IP technology

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Having just returned from the 2019 NAB Show in Las Vegas, Gearhouse Broadcast UK MD Ed Tischler spoke to Broadcast magazine about what caught his attention at the exhibition. The article is available to read in full on the Broadcast website, but here are some of his NAB takeaways…

People are now investing in IP in confidence

What was immediately obvious to me at NAB 2019 was just how well attended the show was. This demonstrates just how much buoyancy there currently is in the production market. It also highlights the industry’s growing level of confidence in IP technology, whether that’s in video, audio or comms. It’s now matured to a point where people are investing in IP in confidence. Standards have been ratified, interoperability between suppliers has increased and manufacturers have really stepped up their game – all of which was evident in Las Vegas.

Telcos are recognising the business opportunities relating to remote production

Another clear theme was the renewed push around remote productions, which is one of the core pillars of Gearhouse’s offering. This is an area that everybody was talking about a couple of years ago and it now seems to be enjoying a welcome resurgence. For example, more and more telcos are recognising that they have a key role to play in enabling remote productions, so are remarketing themselves to try and establish their position. This is helping to drive market growth and provide customers with significant operational cost-savings.

A stable future lies ahead

 Instead, the next 12 months are going to be more about consolidation and stability – which is arguably just as important. While the industry continues to come to terms with the current transitions in IT, the ongoing maturing of hardware will likely be the biggest and most important trend as we head towards NAB 2020 and beyond.