Gearhouse Broadcast steps in front of the camera at Australian Open for Uber Eats TV ad


‘Tonight I’ll Be Eating’ campaign takes over entire ad break during Nine’s coverage of grand slam tournament

Gearhouse is best known for its work behind the camera, but at the 2019 Australian Open, it stepped in front of the lens for a TV advert for Uber Eats. The food delivery service has partnered with host broadcaster Nine for its coverage of the grand slam tennis tournament and took over a commercial break, tricking viewers into thinking they were back watching the tennis live. However, they were actually seeing a series of short skits where someone at the tournament pauses mid-job to order food using the Uber Eats app.

For Gearhouse’s on-screen debut, one of its TV camera operators is caught missing the action on-court when he momentarily steps away from his camera to order some chicken souvlaki with mixed pickles and Saganaki cheese on his smartphone.

Uber Eats’ ‘Tonight I’ll Be Eating’ campaign was devised by creative agency Special Group and has featured other Australian Open-related spots including Rafa Nadal receiving a dinner violation from the umpire and a physio interrupting treatment of Nick Kyrgios to get her buffalo wings.

Fortunately, in the real world, our professional crew are well catered for on-site, so they can focus on the job at hand – ensuring every shot at the Australian Open is captured perfectly from every angle possible.