2019 Red Bull Rampage

Sporting Event

Twenty-one of the world’s best MTB riders gathered in Virgin, Utah on Friday 25 October for Red Bull’s most-watched North American event: Red Bull Rampage. Red Bull Rampage is an invitational event, featuring elite MTB freeriders taking on the most intense terrain any mountain bike contest has to offer. The Utah course was chosen for its ability to challenge the riders and push them to their limits: remote, hot, steep and unforgiving.

This demanding location at 5000’ altitude, 100 degrees F and 10% humidity, called for a flexible and manoeuvrable mobile production setup. Step forward Gravity Media USA’s Flypack A: a 3G rapid-deployment, 16-camera unit capable of multi frame rates incl 23.98. Its 16 Hitachi SK1200MKIIs are complemented by four EVS servers, a LAWO MC256 audio console and Ross Vision 4 m/e switcher. The team also deployed five RF systems, including a helicopter system.

Red Bull Rampage has evolved over 18 years to become freeride mountain biking’s most coveted title. It’s a true test of skill and mental toughness, with Utah’s treacherous limestone course providing the perfect setting. Canada’s Brandon Semenuk took the 2019 title, making him a three-time winner of the event.