Gravity Media (as Gearhouse Broadcast), a supplier of technical facilities, crew and services used to capture the world’s most watched content, has upgraded the audio infrastructure for the latest series of hit ITV show The X Factor. In a show-first, Gravity Media is delivering solely digital microphones for the show’s presenters, judges and contestants bodypacks.

Since 2004, Gravity Media has worked closely with the series’ producers to continuously update the show’s audio with the latest cutting-edge technology. Gravity Media has brought in Sennheiser’s new EM 6000 digital receivers to deliver flawless digital audio throughout the live broadcasts. As part of its existing audio workflow, the EM 6000’s ensure that the show’s contestants, judges and presenters can be tracked throughout the stage and backstage area at LH2 Studios in West London.

The EM 6000’s are ideal in meeting the challenges that a large show like The X Factor bring. With the ability to accommodate a wider range of antenna types, the receivers are ideal for environments where there are numerous radio microphone channels active, over a large site, and broad frequency range. Unlike other models, the EM 6000 also gives a quality indication of the received signal, an ability which is particularly beneficial for digital systems.

As well as the new EM 6000’s, Gravity Media also recently bolstered its stock of Sennheiser’s Digital 9000 wireless microphone transmitters. Their impressive audio quality, audio encryption facilities, long battery life and accurate battery life reporting have been integral in bringing error-free sound to The X Factor since they were first introduced in 2013.

“Faultless audio is key for any live broadcast, and none more than the high-pressure environment of a singing competition like ITV’s The X Factor,” said Colin Pearson, senior sound engineer at Gearhouse Broadcast. “With the help of innovative technology from the industry’s top manufacturer’s and our dedicated team’s technical know-how, we’ve continued to deliver top-class audio year after year.”