Facilities management

An increasingly popular option is for our specialist systems integrators to install and integrate permanent studio facilities and production workflows on behalf of clients, and then manage those facilities for them. This comprehensive service begins with planning and consultancy, and runs through design, installation, commissioning, maintenance and then facilities management. We offer project and technical support for productions of any kind, allowing our clients to focus on content creation while we look after all the technology and infrastructure.

Meet the team

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Facilities management is one of the best examples of Gravity Media’s global scale and in-house expertise coming together to deliver a new type of service to meet that market’s ever-changing requirements. Not only do clients benefit from high-end studios, but they also remove the day-to-day technical and operational challenges that can frustrate modern productions.

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Gravity Media’s ongoing management of client facilities means studios remain equipped with the latest audio visual broadcast kit available on the market – effectively hired from our unrivalled arsenal of cutting-edge broadcast rental equipment. In the unlikely event of malfunction, equipment is immediately replaced, meaning zero disruption to filming.

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