Fast-turnaround highlights

Gravity Media enjoys a longstanding reputation for delivering an array of short-form highlights content and in-game digital clips alongside traditional, long-form output. Real-time clips and engaging content for social media are a speciality, thanks to a perfect combination of technical automation and human skill. Our clipping process sees key action appearing online within 60 seconds of it happening live.

fast turn around highlights

Getting clipping workflow to work well is as much art as science, and there’s a developing best practice to the process. Beyond the technology, it takes the human touch to spot, create and promote the real stories behind a clip. This requires hard-earned experience, talent and insight.

The Gravity Media team includes producers, editors and technicians who have been pioneering this field for years, producing fast-turnaround highlights and bespoke social media content from high-profile events the world over.

Meet the team

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Just as we’re all armchair commentators on social media as global events unfold, the Gravity Media team can add to the richness of sports and other big-ticket action because we can see things that an official broadcast stream might not. Building on our expertise in live and fast-turnaround programming, it comes naturally to us to flex those skills to create engaging digital content for social platforms. A lot of that skill comes in the editing and packaging of content with additional material – logos, messaging and even subtitles – very, very quickly.

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