Reality TV

Just as reality TV seems set to take over the world, at HyperActive Broadcast we’ve kept pace and developed our offering to match. With unscripted shows producing huge amounts of footage, the right editing setup is essential for helping them take shape.

As the industry’s leading supplier of Avid editing systems, with the powerful Nitris DX Media Composer available on both PC and Mac, we have the software, hardware and engineering expertise to support reality productions great and small.

Reliability and flexibility are the two ingredients for success. We pride ourselves on being there for you around the clock, and we’re agile enough to deliver the most effective package for you every time. We have entire teams whose sole purpose is to build the perfect post solution for you.

Customers come to us for kit, space, people, or all three, and they receive the same high level of care whatever their requirements. We offer a range of support packages too, from 24/7 remote support to fully managed on-site solutions. UK delivery for all our equipment is same-day or next-day (subject to stock), and we can also ship to any location in the world.

If you need post-production space, our fantastic cutting rooms in Soho can take anything you can throw at them. They’re perfect for offline editing, and come with expert technical support, a full hospitality service and a steaming pot of coffee.

A sociable bar area and break-out spaces on each floor make for great places to be creative. And the top floor of our Frith Street facility offers amazing views over London.