Feature films

HyperActive Broadcast works with many of the most respected names in the film industry. From editors to post-production supervisors, strong personal relationships see the same people work with us time and time again. It’s because they know we’re the leading supplier of the latest editing systems, and they know we offer the best technical support in the industry.

At the heart of our reputation is the quality and reliability of our equipment. Our maintenance engineers monitor and manage every piece of kit we stock, and our technicians respond fast to swap out any item that needs to be changed in an instant.

We also have enviable production and post-production spaces for hire. Located right in the heart of Soho, we have over 40 feature-packed rooms that are perfect for the offline edit. Stylish, sociable and fully serviced, these flexible facilities have been designed to inspire creativity and ensure comfort on long-term projects.

Our buildings incorporate the very latest security and storage features. Customer media is kept safe and secure in an air-conditioned and backed-up server room, with the HyperActive team on hand to help with any technical issues you may run into.  

We’ll work tirelessly to deliver the best quality of work for you in the shortest possible time. We offer 24/7 remote or fully managed onsite support, with the coverage and availability to help you wherever in the world you may be.

And we help you manage budgets too. Our investment in the best equipment money can buy means you can enjoy the very latest technology without having to shoulder the cost. Hire it, use it, walk away. Simple as that.