Genelec 5.1 Setup 8020B + 7270A

Genelec 7270A Active DSP Subwoofer brings the flexibility and accuracy of room response equalization to an entirely new level. This powerful and precise low frequency monitoring solution is designed for modern 6.1 or 5.1 multi-channel systems as well as traditional stereo applications. With its 19 Hz lower cut-off frequency, high sound pressure output capability and versatile digital bass management system, the 7270A adapts to all low frequency monitoring situations.

The amplifier unit is integrated into the enclosure containing active DSP crossover filters, driver overload protection circuits and power amplifiers. The built-in bass management system supports eight input and output channels (four XLR connectors) for AES/EBU formatted digital audio. The main channels crossover frequency can be adjusted between 50 – 100 Hz. The LFE channel input (input 4) features an adjustable 50 – 120 Hz low-pass filter and a 0/+10 dB sensitivity switch.

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Genelec 5.1 Setup 8020B + 7270A


  • Manufacturer: Genelec
  • active / passive: Active
  • Watt (RMS) Total: 250
  • Woofer (inches): 12
  • Digital Input: Yes
  • Type of Digital Input: AES/EBU
  • Near- / Mid- / Far-Field: Midfield
  • Bluetooth: No
  • iOS Dock: No
  • Magnetically shielded: Yes
  • Room adjustment: Yes
  • Method of room adjustment: dsp
  • Frequency Response from (Hz): 19
  • Frequency Response to (Hz): 100
  • max. Peak SPL (dB): 117
  • Watt (RMS) Bass: 250
  • Bass Reflex Opening: Rear
  • incl. Accessories: No
  • THD: 0.05
  • Crossover Frequency (Hz): 85
  • Weight (kg): 51
  • Height (mm): 625
  • Width (mm): 555
  • Depth (mm): 490
Genelec 5.1 Setup 8020B + 7270A


Genelec 5.1 Setup 8020B + 7270A