Associate Producer

Gravity Media is seeking an experienced Associate Producer to support Enterprise Operations and Partnerships for their global initiatives.

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Gravity Media is seeking an experienced Associate Producer to support Enterprise Operations and Partnerships for their global initiatives. The role will help operationalize from low-to-high profile, for both live studio broadcasts and on-demand show series. This person will help book travel, coordinate creative sessions, fill creator pipeline consistently, help develop content concepts and logistics workflows, and schedule studio and offsite bookings for talent.

Essential Duties
  • Work with coordinator on pre-production and production planning activities, field productions (DSLRs), live productions, operation of multi-camera studio, video switching, signal routing, character generation, graphic image manipulation, digital effects equipment, cameras, hard disk video recorders, video distribution switcher s and audio mixers, studio lighting equipment, set creation and design, microphones and other audio equipment.
  • Operate and maintain all portable video and audio equipment, including studio and DSLR cameras.
  • Produce a variety of video products for broadcasting, platform playback and video streaming.
  • Provide direction for set/lighting to ensure talent looks great on camera.
  • Provide direction to talent prior to shoot on best practices.
  • Drive to increase quality of productions through process and equipment adoption Adapt video products to fit needs of clients and target audience
  • Be involved with clients prior to production as to look/feel of new Video Productions set builds.
  • Resolve or escalate issues in a timely fashion.
  • Assist Video Production Supervisor with production studio teams when servicing talent, producing content and managing studio scheduling.
  • Coordinating travel plans, budgets, and talent schedule across their multi-functional teams, and learning the core stakeholders for executing on production. Facilitate communication with all stakeholders.
  • Always maintains a professional, customer-first disposition with creator artists and all video and partnerships teams.
  • Willing to take on new challenges in order to have a more detailed knowledge of the orgs and pipeline dynamics.
  • Assisting producers with projects from initial concept to final delivery.
  • Perform other job-related duties and projects as needed and assigned.
  • 4 year relevant bachelor's degree preferably in business administration, communications, or digital media production.
  • 1-3 years relevant experience working as an associate producer or production coordinator or similar role at the network or studio level, or within a production company, talent agency, and/or event marketing firm, with a track record supporting cross-functional, diverse teams and high-priority talent.
  • Experience with accelerated entertainment and/or Technology Company accelerated project timelines, workflow, and delivery.
  • Strong presentation skills (verbal and writing) a plus.
  • Team player; moves fast; ambiguity tolerance.
Physical Requirements
  • Ability to sit, reach outward or above the shoulder, stand, walk, handle with fingers, stand, bend, and stoop.
  • Ability to operate a keyboard, view a video display terminal screen, ability to use telephone equipment.
  • Ability to lift up to 20 pounds and push or pull up to 25 pounds.